Insure the protection and the re-homing of Schapendoes when their owners cannot care for them or of those who are lost. Inform breeders of dogs that are in need.


The breeders are the first respondent for a dog in needs. It is their responsibility to protect and re-home their Schapendoes. If a breeder is unable to take charge or does not know of the predicament of the dog, the club will step up and insure the protection and the re-homing of the dog.

Adoption Procedures

All persons interested in adopting a Schapendoes must fill out an application form. A phone interview and a home visit could be required. Placement of a Schapendoes is not done on the principle of first come, first serve but on the suitability of the adopter and the dog.

If you are interested in adopting a Schapendoes in a relatively short time, we suggest that you contact a breeder to see when a puppy will be available. Dogs that are put up for adoption might need socialisation and have special need.

English Adoption Application Form

French Adoption Application Form

Once form is completed either

1.  Scan and email to Thérèse Pagé

2.  Mail form to:
Thérèse Pagé
61, rue Tremblay
Gatineau, Qc
J8L 3M7

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