Where did the breed come form?

The Schapendoes is likely several centuries old, although it is difficult to pinpoint exactly when it first appeared in Drenthe, a province in the North east of Holland. They were primarily used as working dogs found wherever there were flocks of sheep and valued for their endurance, intelligence and low maintenance. The breed almost disappeared before the second World War but thanks to the dedication of a small group of breeders and the tenacity of P.M.C. Toepel, a judge and dog fancier, the breed survived to become the wonderful Schapendoes of today.Schapendoes Puppy outdoors

What is the average height/weight of the Schapendoes?

Average height for females is 16-18 inches and for males 17 – 19 inches. The average weights are between 30 and 40 pounds.

How much does a Schapendoes eat on average?

The Schapendoes is not a large eater. 1 ½ to 2 cups of good quality kibble per day is generally sufficient.


How much exercise does the Schapendoes require on average?

All Schapendoes enjoy a good romp in the park or a walk in the woods. Young dogs require 1 to 2 hours of good play a day to keep them content. In general, they are quiet in the house, as long as their surplus energy is properly channeled.

What is the temperament of the Schapendoes?

The Schapendoes is a charming, lively and sociable dog. They are equipped with great endurance, mobility and speed, as well as intelligence and the ability to act on their own. They are a true herding dog in character, body and soul. Cowardice, nervousness and aggressiveness are not characteristic. They are eager to learn but require a firm and fair hand if they are not to get the better of their human partners. They are an excellent companion for kids due to their sociability, perpetually happy demeanor and ready to play attitude, as tireless as they are nice. They also get along well with other animals.

What are the training/socialization requirements of the Schapendoes?

The Schapendoes is a herding breed – intelligent and active, so they do appreciate being active both mentally and physically. They are very adaptable and quite happy to fit into an urban life style provided they get regular exercise. Socialization is important to all breeds, including the Schapendoes.

What are the grooming requirements of the Schapendoes?

For the adult Schapendoes a good weekly brushing suffices. The most crucial time becomes the passage from a puppy coat to an adult one. It is important at this time to regularly check your puppy’s coat so that mats do not form. An untangling aerosol product can facilitate brushing, if required.



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